” Geoff, Jeff and the team at Best Impressions feel like family. And, the annual holiday party is one of the highlights of our year – we can’t wait to see what Geoff will wear! During your move, Geoff met me early one Saturday morning at the old Best Impressions offices to pick up a last minute job. It was snowing and his son was with him – of course, his son jumped in to help load my car. Geoff kept what could have been a stressful situation positive and light with big smiles and his always positive attitude – not to mention an outstanding print job. This is a partnership and friendship that we truly value!”

-Allison Coles, Director of Development

Alexandria Restaurant Partners

“My favorite [experience with Best Impressions]  was working with them on the oversized photo blowups at Vola’s Dockside Grill. We were starting with 60 year old very small negatives, trying to get to 8′ tall window film. They literally sat with us to look at each negative, helped us choose one that they could work with, which included adding pixels to keep clarity as they blew it up.”

-Scott Shaw, Partner

Consumer Action for a Strong Economy

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